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How to Order

Once you order a Pet Reliquary, your next step is to send the remains you would like placed inside of your reliquary. All reliquaries have 2 separate sides in which remains are placed.

Please note:

— if you are sending only hair, or only cremains – they will be divided between the two sides of the reliquary

— if you are sending both hair and cremains —the cremains will be placed on one side, and the hair will be placed in the other side.

— If you have ordered a reliquary that is glass on one side, please specify whether you would like the hair under the glass, or the cremains under the glass.

Step 1, Prepare your remains for shipping. Please place different forms of remains (ex. hair and ash) in separate containers. It is fine to use a small ziplock bag or other small container. Make sure they are well sealed. These may be sent in a box or sturdy envelope (ex. padded).

Step 2, Please send remains to:
Lisa Havelin
2 Hingham Circle
Mendota Heights, MN

Step 3, Please include the address you would like your reliquary returned to. All reliquaries are returned via United States Postal Service—Registered (and insured) Mail and will need to be signed for by you.

Step 4, Lisa will notify you by email once she has received your package.

Step 5, Lisa will notify you by email when your reliquary is completed and is en route to you, this will also include a tracking number. Please allow 3 weeks for delivery from the time Lisa receives your package.

Note: you may send remains through FedEx or the United States Postal Service (USPS). If you choose to use USPS as your carrier, we recommend shipping REGISTERED MAIL.

*IMPORTANT— In 25 years we have never experienced the loss of any remains in the shipping process. However, we highly recommend that you never send all of the remains you possess, instead make sure to keep some of them in your possession for safety in the unlikely event that they would be lost in the shipping process.

**Disclaimer — The safety of remains is the sole responsibility of the buyer. Lisa Havelin/Pet Reliquaries is not responsible for any remains lost during the shipping process.